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    preparing our heroes of service for civilian careers
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All of our Veterans Villages will be built, with modern, green materials.


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Not only are our Veterans working to build homes, they are building communities. VAF provides permanent residency to our Vets.

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Our career training programs are there to help our Veterans get a jumpstart in their new civilian lives.

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VAF wellness programs help to ensure that our Heroes of Service stay both physically and mentally healthy

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...Creating Jobs.

The VAF not only wants to train our Heroes of Service, we want to hire them! 


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Who We Are

The Veterans Are Foundation (VAF) concerns itself with helping our veterans Build a Bridge of Hope from Military Service to Civilian Life.  We accomplish this by providing our veterans with housing, health and wellness programs, and on-site job training through designing, developing, and building small to medium sized multi-use communities.  These communities are designed and built for veterans and public safety personnel, their families and friends.  Individuals that desire a career will find it possible to grow with VAF since we will be replicating these communities throughout the country to ensure that our veterans will not only have housing, but a true home.

Please join us in this important and unique effort.  We can, and must, do better in providing for those in need that have protected us and the American way of life. 

Your financial contributions always help and are greatly appreciated.  Visit our donation page here.

Veterans Are Foundation is a federally recognized 501(c)3 charitable organization.


Our Mission

The Veterans Are Foundation (VAF) is dedicated to Building a Bridge of Hope for our Heroes of Service from military to civilian life.  By building safe, sustainable Veterans Villages containing homes, health and wellness facilities, community centers and business opportunities for our Veterans, VAF will help them cross that bridge. VAF will help to create jobs within and outside of our communities thereby providing the tools, and a path, for our veterans to return to their well-deserved place in society as productive citizens and leaders.


Susan Price, Our Gold Star Mother

Susan PriceBoard Member / Gold Star Mother

Susan is an Army Veteran and the daughter of a Marine. She is also the Mother of a Fallen Marine Hero, Aaron M Kenefick, USMC. KIA 8 September 2009, Ganjgal, Afghanistan. Aaron will forever be tied to the Medal of Honor recipients Marine Seargent Dakota Meyer and Army Captain Will Swenson; their roles played out during the Ganjgal Ambush.  This is only the secod time in US history that there are two living Medal of Honor recipients.

Susan is a Veterans advocate and a National voice. She has appeared on 60 Minutes, and other national media, in television, newspaper, and radio. Having worked with various Congressmen concerning our Military and Veterans, she has been sought out by many as the "the Gold Star Mother with a voice" - a "go to person" in regard to justice being served. She has networked with various groups around the country speaking and putting forums together. Susan has devoted herself (in the name of her son) to Veterans and other Military Groups transitioning from one lifestyle to another.

aaron9"Veterans Are Foundation is a perfect endeavor me as it represents an outlet of healing through the tragic event of my sons death, to be able to direct my energies in a healthy and productive manner, adding joy back into my life through Networking and Rebuilding the lives of our Veterans and other Gold Star Families, Active Military, Blue Star Families and also educating non military communities about military lifestyles and our sacrifices.

As a Mother of a Fallen American Hero, and a Nationally recognized voice, I look forward to this new chapter in my life in rebuilding new foundations with like minded souls. Our VAF Staff is a culmination of knowledge, heart, mind, and spirit in creating New Beginnings for those who have given so much!! I am Blessed to be apart of such a Wonderful group of individuals who make differences in the lives of others."

Aaron M. Kenefick Bronze Star Citation


It's Official! We're Official!

IRS LogoThe Veterans Are Foundation can now be found on the IRS website as an officially recognized public charity.  You can click here for the official IRS validation.  This means that any contribution that you make to the VAF is tax deductible, up to the legal limits of the law.  We are excited and you should be to.  The VAF is about to do great things for our country and its veterans!


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